Invicta is an award-winning tech startup that helps skilled refugees find sustainable employment in their field of expertise.

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Remote working environment

We help refugees find job opportunities via remote working (i.e. online). All they need is a PC or mobile phone to access our platform.

Extensive network of global companies

We have clients in the US, UAE, Germany, Norway and Turkey who have expressed their interest to hire skilled refugees.

Transparency and communication

We work closely with both companies and displaced youth, to ensure maximum efficiency in project delivery.

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But wait, there's more...

Here are some of our exclusive features:

  • Introductory workshop on remote working, hosted by experts

  • Virtual soft skills training, sponsored by our partner Share Academy

  • Mental Health Diagnostic Screening

  • FREE educational courses on design, marketing etc.

  • Certified Personality Tests (for teams)

  • Global Facebook community for cross-cultural collaboration

  • Certified English, Arabic and French tests

  • FREE Team Development Assessment

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Meet the Dream Team

Meet the dedicated people who work around the clock to give you the best of Invicta

Eden Tadesse


Eden is an impassioned tech founder with certifications from Google, MIT & Microsoft.

Qussai Maklad


Qussai is a Syrian-born, award-winning entrepreneur and SDG activist.

Christian Bischof


Christian is an experienced full stack developer, based in Austria.

Thomas Artiach


Thomas is a savvy tech consultant, multilinguist and marketing expert.

Our Partners

"Through Invicta I was able to enroll in free software courses and ultimately find an engineering role that fits my educational background. It has been a dream come true!”

Adam Souif

Engineer, ZenBit
“Invicta played an instrumental role in helping us find diverse talent across various tech roles. The projects were completed successfully and we will definitely hire again. Bravo to the team!”

Kyle Morrison

CEO, Inclusivity
"The consultants did a truly great job. Not only did they learn a whole new software quickly, but were willing to adapt and solve any obstacles that came up in using the new software to collaborate. They were very professional and excellent communicators."

Lauren Martìnez

Marketing Consultant, Squaredot

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest. You may fill out our refugee interest form available at the top of this page. If you are an Arabic-speaking refugee, you can join our online community Nawkish on Facebook (details below).

Thank you for your interest. You may fill out our business interest form available at the top of this page. We are currently establishing a Facebook group for our business partners. You may follow us on Facebook to get updates on this and more.

Sure! You can work with us as a web-based volunteer. Please contact us at info@invictaorg.com with your full contact information and a short motivation letter. We will then shortly contact you for an interview.

It consists of four steps: 1. Initial Overview (talent and hard skills are assessed carefully) 2. Selection & Training (suitable candidates are chosen for training to optimize their existing skills) 3. Pre-Enrollment Phase (selected candidates are given cultural and language orientation of their host companies) 4. Recruitment (refugees are paired with global companies for either individual or group-based projects).

Please write to us at info@invictaorg.com.

Are you an Arabic-speaking refugee ?

Nawkish is our online community for talented displaced youth seeking employment. We are growing our global community, with more than 23,000 members today!

Our CEO was featured in a Startup Podcast🎙

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